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Problem: Surgical Deaths, Litigation, Complications[2]

3D recon is a huge   un-realized opportunity for healthcare[2]

- Improves care and reimbursed for many procedures but under-utilized
- Benefits: patient, surgeon hospital, radiology[3]

“48% of hospital costs were for stays that involved OR procedures and only 7 procedures   account for approximately 80%   of all admissions, deaths, complications, and inpatient costs.”[4]

Unfortunately, 3D recon is stuck at the last mile[1,5] and the chasm between radiology and care continues to grow

- 3D print is slow, costly and limited. Glasses, goggles and cords are impractical during surgery
- Other radiology solutions require training or VPN connections to big servers limited to 10 clinicians

Not for Clinical Diagnosis - Patent US7230621