MedVizi™ CT-MRI Viewer
FAQ & Support

Q: What are the minimum hardware requirements?

A: Apple® iPhone® 6s, iPad mini® 2, iPad Air® 2, Windows® 7, Mac® OSX 10.9 (2012) and Linux since 2014. Sorry, we do not support Android® devices at this time.

Q: Is MedVizi™ FDA cleared for diagnostic use?

A: No, similar to the software on CD's from imaging centers, MedVizi™ is currently Not for Clinical Diagnosis.

Q: How do I view my CT-MRI imaging procedures on my iPhone®?

A: Our service to prepare medical imaging is in Beta and we may not be able to accomodate your request at this time.

  • Upcoming patient imaging cases, where we can work with you and your imaging center to get the best quality at the lowest cost, will be considered first and may include conversion of your pre-existing patient imaging. There is no cost to participate in the Beta program in exchange for your feedback.
  • Pre-existing patient imaging with higher quality will be considered next. CTA and CT will be considered before MRI and MRN.
  • Archeological and industrial CT studies like microCT start at $150.
Please email for more information.

Q: Why is MedVizi™ better?

A: Convenient & Fast: All images are downloaded into one spot and then opened instantly at the touch of your phone even when offline.
Saves Money: MedVizi™ costs less because it doesn't require a dedicated streaming VPN connection and server hardware for every active user like zero-footprint viewers and portals.

Q: Can MedVizi™ help save money on CT and MRI procedures?

A: In most cases. We work with imaging centers to get the lowest cost and highest image quality. Email to see if we can help.

Q: Is there really a quality difference among imaging procedures?

A: Yes. Typically we can get 2-10X higher resolution and less artifacts without any additional scanner time when working directly with imaging centers who have newer equipment**.

Q: How long does it take to download a view?

A: A study downloads in about a minute over a typical wifi or cellular connection in a metro area. We recommend using wifi to avoid data charges as some studies can be up to 130 MB.

Q: How is data secured?

A: Images are deidentified, encrypted in transit and stored encrypted on iPhone®, iPad® and desktop viewer if it is installed on an encrypted drive.

Q: Besides MRI and CT, what other formats are supported?

A: At this time we support MRI, MRN, CT, CTA and microCT but not X-ray, ultrasound or mammography. Please email inquiries about support for SPECT-CT, PET-CT, microCT and electron tomography.

Q: What other products do you offer?

A: We sell MedVizi™ non-diagnostic Workstation and glasses-free 3D display stations. Please email for more information.

We'd love your feedback and ideas. Thank you for your patronage and we look forward to serving you.

** Rural locations may not have imaging centers with newer equipment